Tiny Touch Jewellery – Product Review & Giveaway

With the clock ticking down to Father’s Day (Sunday 7th September) it seems appropriate that we start dropping some massive hints here at Aussie Daddy Bloggers about what gifts we would like. I don’t know about the other boys but I know my wife does it when Mother’s Day rolls around and she isn’t even […]


Selfies and The Problem of Crowdsourced Self Esteem For Kids

Our kids endless compulsion to take pictures of themselves, commonly known as the ‘selfie’  and post it online for the world to see has many parents worried and for good reason. Consider the latest research from psychiatrist Dr David Veal who states that ‘the growing trend of taking smartphone selfies is linked to mental health […]

Sperm donation in Australia Infographic

Sperm, Star Wars and Wankers

For millenniums, man has dreamed of reaching the stars. But in order to eventually get there, we need to survive as a species. Problem is, not everyone can conceive naturally. Everyone has the right to experience having a family. Fact is, fertility issues are on the rise and sperm donations are on the decline. What […]

A wormhole wee-wee phenomenon?

The Wee-Wee from Nowhere Phenomenon

Phenomenon or unexplained mystery? I’ve heard of weird and unexplained incidents happening around kids but we’ve never experienced anything that I would categorise as beyond the norm. Until now. This morning during breakfast we had a very strange and creepy incident happen, that still has my head reeling. Checking and double-checking between Mumma and I to […]

Boo with Parcel

Treasures Nappies

“Beauty” I say, rubbing my hands together as I seal the deal for a sponsored post that comes with free nappies and a couple of bucks. The intelligent people at Treasures chose me, yes me, to try out their moisture moppers, to road test their kaka catchers, to rate their rear-waste disposal support units.

I Awoke in a Daze – Two Sentence Horrors

I awoke in a daze to the sound of my baby’s painful shrieks. With my gut wrenching at the sight of blood around his lips, it was impossible to pick him up from his cot to console him after realising seven of my fingers were missing. 

Front Row – Two Sentence Horrors

I woke with a start drenched in sweat, my awful dream placing me front row at a Bieber concert. I reached for my water bottle, instead touching paper I don’t recall placing next to my bed, and straining my eyes in the new morning light I read “Bieber, Row AA”. Read more about the Aussie […]

Last Train Ride – Two Sentence Horrors

I was the lone passenger on the last carriage, relieved to have just barely caught the final train service of the night. That’s when I noticed the pool of blood on the floor and felt the contrast of warm breath on the back of my neck against the chill running down my spine. Read more […]

Chicken Dance – Two Sentence Horror

In my sweaty nightmare a brutal brood of chickens invaded my home, sliced their way into my daughter’s room and, as I lay paralysed with fear, they circled, then set upon her with metal claws, venomous eyes and hate in their bones. I remained unduly anxious before the memory eventually left me; until weeks later […]

Laundry basket

Two Sentence Horror Stories – Laundry.

I never could bring myself to pack away her room after the accident. I wish I knew why the laundry basket kept on filling up, and whose blood I kept washing off the clothes. Read more about the Aussie Daddy Bloggers Two Sentence Horrors challenge here.

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