AFL Aussie Father’s League Round 6 Match Report

The game starts, mummy coach is barking instructions and AFL (Australian Fathers League) legend Dad runs in and attempts to pick up the littlest player on the field, the rover Bert. The little rover sees it coming, blind turns Dad and starts to crawl in an opposite direction. The other players on Bert’s team (X factor and […]


We need to talk….to our kids about respectful relationships

Family Violence in the community is escalating rapidly. The numbers of reported incidents are increasing. Sadly we have all become aware of the human cost to victims, their families and the wider community. Our Watch a leading organisation whose focus is on ending violence against women and their children, commissioned a survey of 3000 young […]


The new trend on the interweb is the Dadbod and how sexy some people find a big beer gut to be. Assuming of course that we didn’t have a beer gut prior to becoming a dad. So logically it follows that someone would make up the mumbod version. Of course the Dadbod tag for body image […]

whos ya

Talking about a revolution

To quote a man ahead of his time Bob Dylan “those that are last will one day be first for the times they are a changing”. I can feel something important is happening. Something big, bigger than big, I can feel the balance is shifting. Some old views are being challenged in the way men […]


13 (hopefully) helpful tips for new and soon to be fathers

When your child gets into the stage of continually questioning you after you have told them they can’t have something… What are your options? This is just one of the things addressed on the list of tips from our Daddy Blogger, Rory at Memoirs of the Mind. It’s a light hearted and hopefully helpful list […]

Sometimes writing is hard....

What dad’s are writing

Welcome to a new regular segment on Aussie Daddy Bloggers brought to you by, well, me! (The Dadinator, that guy who harps on about country life every so often). We’re going to produce one of these a month partly to encourage me to read more dad blog posts (I suck at keeping that up) and partly to […]

Oren Miller, A Blogger and a Father..

Thank you Oren Miller. #dads4oren

You cast a large shadow Oren Miller, one that stretches to far flung continents. Your story breaks hearts. Your work strengthens them. Whatever is next in the journey know you are loved, treasured and cherished by so many because you helped us all spread the message that men care, that men cry and that men […]

A short story about sexism

Once upon a time… In a galaxy not so far away… A lady went to a conference about storytelling and had a very uncomfortable experience. So there she was. Mid-30s, professional, award-winning in her role, sitting in on a conference with about 50 other professionals. The speaker was lively and energetic, an older gent and […]

Mario Kart Parenting

Mario Kart Parenting

This is a follow-up to my last post about computer games and children, though this time I’m taking a slightly different look at things. Okay, a very different look at things. It seems every celebrity who has a kid these days espouses a particular philosophy of parenting – they say ‘this is the way you should do it, […]


Hide and Seek – A story of depression and dads

The man comes home from work, pulls the car into the garage and sits there for a moment. He doesn’t turn off the engine. The radio is a low hum he isn’t paying attention to. He never heard a single song on the drive home. Through the screen-door he sees his kids bouncing up and down […]

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