Dad proofing clothing is degrading to men

It’s time we stopped shaming dads

Today, my wife sent me this video… Look, I get it. Since the beginning of time, women were the primary caregiver but those times are long gone and it’s time we moved on. Research has shown that a father influences his children separate to that of the mother and is an important factor in the transition […]


#AreYouDadEnough? A Father’s Day challenge.

What do you want for Father’s Day honey?  Oh I don’t know, a new wallet, I really do need a new wallet. Every year I dread this question. I shouldn’t, but I do. I’ve never ever considered Father’s Day to be my day, rather I considered it more my dad’s day. And I don’t often […]

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Dad of the Year 2015 – Nominations now open

Each year you will hear of copious father of the year awards. Most of these go to celebrities who get their nannies to watch their kids while they are off doing sporty and sciencey stuff. Here at ADB we want to break the mould. Our Dad of the Year award recognises a regular dad who does extraordinary things. This year it might […]


How does your parenting style affect your kids?

It’s a been a long time since I’ve written here but only a couple of months out from the birth of my fourth daughter, I wanted to write something. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write when I started this article, but I am just going to roll with it. As I sit […]


Thank god for Elmo and Grover

When you child hits two or three it usually means a couple of things, the beginning of tantrums and Potty training. If you are unlucky you get the tantrums before you get to potty, or should that be go potty. In the case of Ernie we had the tantrums first. This meant that we were […]


AFL Aussie Father’s League Round 6 Match Report

The game starts, mummy coach is barking instructions and AFL (Australian Fathers League) legend Dad runs in and attempts to pick up the littlest player on the field, the rover Bert. The little rover sees it coming, blind turns Dad and starts to crawl in an opposite direction. The other players on Bert’s team (X factor and […]


We need to talk….to our kids about respectful relationships

Family Violence in the community is escalating rapidly. The numbers of reported incidents are increasing. Sadly we have all become aware of the human cost to victims, their families and the wider community. Our Watch a leading organisation whose focus is on ending violence against women and their children, commissioned a survey of 3000 young […]


The new trend on the interweb is the Dadbod and how sexy some people find a big beer gut to be. Assuming of course that we didn’t have a beer gut prior to becoming a dad. So logically it follows that someone would make up the mumbod version. Of course the Dadbod tag for body image […]

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Talking about a revolution

To quote a man ahead of his time Bob Dylan “those that are last will one day be first for the times they are a changing”. I can feel something important is happening. Something big, bigger than big, I can feel the balance is shifting. Some old views are being challenged in the way men […]


13 (hopefully) helpful tips for new and soon to be fathers

When your child gets into the stage of continually questioning you after you have told them they can’t have something… What are your options? This is just one of the things addressed on the list of tips from our Daddy Blogger, Rory at Memoirs of the Mind. It’s a light hearted and hopefully helpful list […]

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